Established in 2009, VANQ started as an LED encapsulation factory at the very beginning which is also why we are capable of flexible customization of various spectra.Focus on LED grow liht development and indoor and outdoor plant cultivation.


Which are the best indoor plant lights for you?

Thought people have been asking me that we can show us information about the lamp you are growing, what else is not the best, what is the best use and what, so I will try to do this now, I just To show you which one I use, and others, so I am using VANQ T8, which basically refers to those tubes that are only thin fluorescent tubes, and I have one. There is a remote control lamp on the 4-foot-long tube. You can make them in various sizes. You can use 8 test tubes to set their length to 4 feet, and mine is longer than 2 feet. There are also remote control tubes, as you can see, it heats me and the tube above, but they don’t burn anything. You can place the plug as close to the top as possible to really show that if there is no heat and all energy is ignited, then there is only a 524 watt light bulb, so only 96 watts. I think this is 448 hours. How efficient is it? Tile pipe, so it is 200 watts. Considering how much you can grow under them, I will say that this is T8, and I will give you an idea. I have a light meter, I take it outside to show you something.

Try to do it. This is a place that let me put the luminometer 6 inches below the luminometer, you can put the top of the bulb in it, you are actually reading a book, or reading there 20,000 or 20,000, put 6 at the bottom The inch can read about 111,000 lenses, which may be better. Let CERN sit there 26,000 inches and then lower it a little bit, so I take it outside and I will show you the kind of light you want to take outside, so I am in the greenhouse. This is a gloomy winter, because there is not much sunlight there, so this time I just want to tell you, what is the intensity of the light? Here, you like me to point it to the sky. It is 35 times 100, so it has about three thousand five hundred lumens, so you can see that it is four times as large in the sun and hot, and it can reach 89,000 in the sun and in the summer sun. I can say that in winter, you will get three thousand at this time, so I want three thousand. Therefore, it is not very good compared to indoors, so you can see it from outside, there are only more than 3,000 outside. I have about 22,000 here, which is about 7 or 8 times the brightness, so if you see it at the bottom, they will only get 10,000 appearances-the lettuce there grows perfectly, like I said, They are indeed doing something. Because they don’t emit too much heat, they emit a lot of light, so you can place plants near the bulb. Now, another thing you need to consider is that you need to reflect as much light as possible to return To the work you have done If you really don’t want to waste anything on the plant, I put a white poster there to reflect a little, and then on the wall, I forgot this thing.

Diamond embossed polyester film is a professional film, you can use other things, obviously not, it is recommended not to use tin foil, because tin foil may cause hot spots, because tin foil cannot reflect other things correctly, obviously, we can’t do it To this point. For polyester film, just use a flat latex white cushion. Like I said, the blunt pen is just a flat emulsion. If I draw a tent in white latex and tap the light on the wall, or if I can think of one of the barbecue temperatures, then these hydroponic fluffy tents are like not saying I don’t shine, but touching your wall . All weeders use their ideal material, because they are actually covered by polyester film, so you will also make the most of all the light, so just like the T8 I said, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which are perfect for five feet each One foot in a small room, you will grow up in an area of about four feet to two feet, so you only need to buy shoes that fit your size, and now show you another shoe to get a replacement product once used One made by myself, one by someone looking at it, actually I just knocked it, so I used to put some chili, pepper and tomatoes on the windowsill. It's too small, you can watch it again, so you can grab all the unread bulbs, they are only 30 watts, while the compact fluorescent bulb is only 30 watts, it can emit about 150 watts of light. You can do it, we look like it is about 60,000 inches, so actually T8 lamps are not expensive, these bulbs are only about 4 pounds, you should put them in a small hangar, they are perfect for all peppers and tomatoes On the windowsill. Obviously, a cover is placed on the back cover to reflect the light back, but as I said, there is now a modern way to change the cat. This is what I used in the past. Probabilistic method You can’t say this before T8, just like giant compact fluorescent lamps, their power is about 150 watts, and the power will rise to 200 watts. The problem is that each of these bulbs is about 25 Ude, and they don't actually pop out.


The test tube I used in T8 has only changed a little. They can be replaced as long as they enter the door. These tubes are expensive, and they are also very expensive. The weather is very hot, so you can't put plants next to them, because in your small area, you have a reflective protective cover that can reflect the plants. I found that they don’t provide enough area like T8tube, but I mean, if you can’t get any other benefits, then they are as good as anything else, and the other thing without a charging stick is LED, which actually It's just a fan that can be inserted into a single blind. You can't say that it is absolutely blinding. It is 18 watts. I tested this and it has appeared about 15,000 times. I turned it around because it made me invisible, only eight cents, we saw its size, it heats up any heat, because it is so effective, all the energy is emitted, so we are doing The thing is to hang these onions tightly between me, because like I said, they don’t have any heaters, so they don’t have a burning feeling, but then you know that the places worth trying have exactly the same frequency spectrum, this is The 6500 K you are looking for, which is 6500 K Kelvin, I think I didn't mention it. Before that, it was actually the blue spectrum of the cool white spectrum. If you get another kind of light, the flower that people want to use is 2700K, then the spectrum is what you need to grow nutritionally, so you really don’t want it to start from fruit, and then you want vegetarians to use 6500K or cold White spectrum bulbs, which are all kinds of ever-changing types for me, and I use bulbs made by myself, as I said, if you like these bulbs, then these big T8 bulbs will let you Feeling satisfied, you can have a meal like this, you can grow rice and grow about 20 kinds of pepper plants, and happily grow 22 kinds of plants under this plant, they become very busy and prevent them from growing on the windowsill, or you You can choose one of them, or like I said you can go there for lighting, but in any case, you need more space, because there are only a few different ideas for indoor lighting, looking forward to your plants.


Guide to cannabis grow lights

Welcome to use VANQ LED lights to grow hemp. The cannabis plant has spent several years using the energy of the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into food, which is photosynthesis. Without our symbiotic relationship with trees, they would not be able to get enough oxygen to sustain human life. This is an amazing job. No one among our animal friends smokes marijuana, and no one invented a tree lamp to raise them. They gave us rewards, gave us medicines, which made us soar.


This is a beautiful relationship. Once understood, we will focus on the following lighting, fluorescent LEDs, metal halides and high pressure sodium. You will know exactly the ability of each light source, which light source is most suitable for your growth, our CLMX LED Grow light source is very suitable for the early stages of plant life, so I clearly rooted the clones in it, but please try to make them as soon as possible Cheap and appear in various shapes.

The size, you can buy everywhere from the two-foot store lights in the local hardware store, the price is about 20 to 8 bulbs, 4 feet t8 fluorescent lamps per foot, the price is about 300 US dollars. They have high operating costs, low heat generation and very little space, so T Fives and all fluorescent lamps are very limited and are rarely used for continuous vegetables or flowers. Unless you and I are satisfied with the low yield, I will talk only You need to press the nut and you will know that I mean an increase in power. This is the representative of HID. Traditionally, it is the representative of HID. They are metal halides and high-pressure sodium in HIV. High-intensity discharge is very powerful and very effective, but in the past, the thermal signal was very important. They were once used to drive helicopters equipped with hidden cameras to find and destroy growers. HID produces high output, but they need to realize that almost all modern HID lamps in the past are interchangeable and convertible. Separate ballasts for halogen lamps and sodium lamps are required, and the correct voltage for the ballast wiring is also required. Nowadays, ballasts can hold 400 to 1000 watts of sodium halide or sodium salt and automatically add electronic signals. The voltage configuration of the device is 110 or 220 volts. All HIDs are integrated with the ballast and hood in the box. Make sure to check the bulbs, some of them include bulbs, some of them are not too bad for HID, namely power consumption and heat, you need to cool your own growth room equipment, and you also need to pay bills.


Someone told us that the light is on the fork and the sodium is on the flower. I said that this mimics the color changes of this season and integrates well with HID. To be honest, HID is designed to illuminate parking spaces. Many highways and stadiums are reluctant to plant new HIDs, but they have already targeted the planting industry. After adjusting, take me to the LED. Since I picked the best LED crops, the development of LED technology has been increasing exponentially, but I dare to guess that the entire industry will be in a few years. The latest generation of lighting is based on the LED principle, that is, all plants are on the earth. They will work best when the exact same biological function is formed anywhere on the surface, when the sun is strong and directly above your head. Therefore, the best light for rapid photosynthesis is the spectrum you see when you are outdoors in bright summer. Sunlight is mainly blue and white, with only faint red, suitable for humans. In terms of lighting, perfect eyes seem to mean that NASA plants can bloom and grow fruit optimally under natural light conditions.

cannabis led.png

In the midsummer natural daylight, the dean’s white has enough red to produce a fully mature resin flower, but the LED can certainly bloom and bloom under the same light. A game changer, when you are a commercial gardener, you must transfer hundreds of plants from one growth room to another, or replace hundreds of light bulbs. It seems that they are indeed the future of industrial lighting. This is an important factor in determining the success of indoor growth, but good equipment is not enough for you to know how to use it. The switching cycle is very important. It is important to use a timer to keep a good record. The most important thing is to observe the language of plants. You will know exactly how to prevent plants from feeling sad, and more importantly, the thing that makes plants pray to plants is very important.


Growing cannabis in an early-flowering closed yield

Hi everyone, my name is Ken. This is our electronics expert this week. He has 300 closets, mainly because we have a bunch of leaves to peel off. As you can see, we have many families and they are becoming more and more important. They cover many high-quality coke plants. If I need more light intensity, these families can certainly bring us more benefits, so we will continue to delete those families that are useful in some ways.

I will discuss in this article and start peeling or trimming the plant to ensure that the lower part of the plant gets enough light to stimulate blood formation. Usually the smaller buds are completely removed, so all the growth hormone of the plant is concentrated in the cola part at the top. Increase production. Falling leaves and popping lollipops allow more air to pass through the plan to reduce problems such as PM and pests. I like to remove everything by hand. When they bend to the roots, the leaves fall off easily, so I find it is better to use it than Fiskars. The best time for heavy peeling is faster. For example, in the first and fourth weeks of the initial flowering, since the plants have fallen leaves, I will provide them with some dechlorinated tap water to make their pH reach 6.8, let them recover for a few days, and then check the leaves. Seven days passed. These plants look great. Because the canopy plants under the lollipop are correct, the lower part of the cola has more light. Push all the energy to the top of Maine Coke, creating a big hole in these 8 or 2 closets. I planted eight plants in a half-gallon jar, and squeezed chocolate mint and black dog from an unremarkable seed. These tissues, as well as the severe Kush disease and LSD from Barney Farms, are new phenotypes that popped from the seeds.

I also obtained a clone of a grandparent, which is also here, I also obtained three clones of Nocookie at my own price, so if you follow this article, you will know that we just harvested a 5x5 battery and it was closed due to the quantity The new electronic device VANQ GLMX720, so I closed it for a few weeks, so I should continue to delete the old Mars Hydro and the old ZLED, and let me use these brand new LED Grow Light (new dimmer). Now you are not familiar with these LEDs. They have a power of 720 watts and consume broadband spectrum LEDs. The other cool thing to bring is the ribbons, because they have linear lenses that direct the intensity towards the canopy, and the device is passively cooled, so they have no loud moving parts, and none of these things are damaged now. I have two such VANQ720W planting lights in the woods in the closet, so you really want to know more about its performance, please check his website:, but more importantly, buy these lights with free shipping Cost, but hang them up and see how they look. Open it, I just want to say thank you for reading this article, I hope it is longer, I hope you have a nice Sunday, and I wish you a happy work.


Why buy plant lights? Plant Doctor

It's me who is talking about the plants at the Hilton Katarajan. The holidays are coming, please keep the plants green. Now, for all of our fans, this is the most difficult time. In order to make the plants healthy and powerful, provide the plants with the required light and make sure that we do not water the plants, because this may be once a year. I mean, please, you spent all your time. You are ordering plants online, entering the nursery, and filling your house with all these plants. I'm sure they cost you a penny, so you want to make sure you are willing to invest so that when spring comes, what do they say? The sun came out, did the gun fire? Is it a cannon? Guns or bread, no matter what your factory wants to show, once spring comes, please make sure you help them get there, okay? Therefore, today, I want to talk about the many comments I received and the growing number of questions about passing DMis.

Grow Lights  Plant Doctor .png


At this time of the year, many of us are not getting much help. Now, we are changing the sunlight, moving in this direction, and setting up all the things we bothered in the early fall and winter. You may wish to bring some artificial light to help, just to increase energy, they continued. In the next three months, this season will be the peak season. You may hope to bring the dawn of growth. As I said, please investigate whether the brand is still the best. Jump online. Whoever scores the highest, then go from there. However, I want to provide you with three types of lights, and you should pay attention to these lights and their actual positions in order to have healthy plants next season. One thing you should know is that the daylight temperature is 5700 Kelvin, which is 5700K. These are the daylight temperature types of bulbs, so if you go to a hardware store, you are looking for 5700, 5600 daylight temperature bulbs. Now, I know that some of you have emitted light, such as blue light.


The natural lighting in my home looks ugly. I know. What I like to do is, before going to work, I like to open those things. Then, when I got home, I closed it. You need to bring lights and make sure to give them the same time as usual. The effective way is to ensure that they are only open 12 or 14 hours a day. You can do much less than this, but I can only talk about it for 14 hours at most. So, what type of searchlights are there? First of all, incandescent lamps. Although they are the cheapest grow lights, they do emit more heat. In this case, you actually have to keep it 1 to 2 feet away from the plant because you don't want it to be too hot and cause the top of the blade to overheat and burn it. You must keep a certain distance from the plants so that they can really survive. Secondly, I think fluorescent lights may be your second best choice. Although they may cost more than incandescent bulbs, they are a safer way to travel. They emit less heat. They provide a more practical way to use them, and you can place them near the factory. They emit the blue light you are looking for, the fluorescent lights of the factory you are looking for. What I want to say is that you can usually see more lights at home, but this is not my top priority.

Plant Doctor.png

One of my favorite LEDs lights to buy because it might cost you some money at first, but in terms of energy saving, it will save you green, we all hope to put it in our pocket so that we can buy more in the spring factory ! In fact, you can keep it about six feet away from the plant to provide this light without worrying about the leaves being damaged by some degree of light. Frankly speaking, my fig leaf fig, he did not get the lighting he hoped for at this time of year. When I open it at work, I close it when I get home. Color (red, blue and blue represent growth), red represents flowering temperature. Given that the violin doesn't bloom, it doesn't really matter, but the system I have is very useful, it can make Frank flourish this season. If you find that plants lack light, how do you know? Maybe they are turning brown. Insufficient light may cause small brown spots to appear. If you used to get a lot of light in one place, but now it doesn't have much light, then you can shine and make sure the buds stay healthy and vigorous. Yes, that's it. Hope to help you. Process the data and plant plants to see the difference in growth.


Lampade HPS/MH comparison

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the growing Sikara. Today, the interior will still take an important step. hps and mh lamps are still the most used lamps today.

In indoor cultivation, mh bulbs are very suitable for LED growing plants. Because metal iodide and mercury produce light beams when ionized gas passes through, in the early stage, when these bulbs irradiate 6 photoperiods under 18 light, the result is branching and more compact internodes, thereby maximizing The light passes to the next step. It is recommended to replace it with an hps bulb. About one week after the transition to the photography period, the lighting time is 12 hours. In the dark for several hours, sodium bulbs are classified for specific agricultural purposes, and flowering acid bulbs for flowering are used throughout the life cycle of the plant due to the presence of a blue light beam. Of course, other orange-red will avoid using two ponds. The disadvantage of the growth and flowering periods is that the internodes will be farther and the stems will be excessively elongated due to the search for the first seeds. The specific beam hps of stage i makes the bulbs flower, one of which has a unique orange, red spectrum. At the end of summer, flowering fortification is less effective. The plant will be stimulated, making the inflorescence visibly dedicated to maximum energy. Use with vegetative growth period.



Buying two lamps, a particular lamp is obviously cost-effective. The hps led bulb will warm the environment during the production process. Therefore, Lucio must be careful not to use lights that are out of proportion to the volume of the crane. The arrangement here is a suggestion for the advantages of the table and is compatible with the available tables. The size of the globox is proportional to the size of the globox. In addition, whether to decide to use il mea bulbs with hps agro nella bulbs. Heating, after the first ten days of service life, the bulb must be kept at these distances. You can shorten the distance between the bulb and the plant, taking care not to damage the root tip. These distances must be kept constant throughout the life cycle of the factory. Bulb to bulb and whether Blake needs reflector power.

In the next chapter, we will introduce the combination of these two important articles in more detail, but it is important to know that electronic ballasts and electromagnetic ballasts can be emitted continuously. The methods of handling attention are different from each other in their normal operations. They reflect light and increase the surface covered by the light source.


6 simple green plants and indoor planting lights

Are you one of the beginners in the indoor plant world, or are you just thinking: "I don't have the most environmentally friendly fingers", then when you shop, there are good reasons to look for suitable plants and LED grow lights. No matter where you start. I think you have to start with good plant success, which is why you should choose simple indoor plants.

The rubber tree is definitely one of the easy to spread trees. It can spread or develop itself. If your girlfriend can stand up, you can pinch the lens and pour it into water or a pot of soil. It will give you a new plant. Water a lot every week, because you must not water too much. It needs to dry out a bit, which does apply to some of these plants. They don't need so much water. Can easily withstand a little dryness. Some of them do not require much light. Those who love trees with their fingers are popular now because it has large green leaves that can easily withstand dryness and does not require much light.

This is easy to handle. Ferns are also easy to maintain, but they should never be watered. Therefore, it can also withstand dryness. In addition, remember to find a suitable indoor planting light to add sunlight. Napoleon's hat, I find it a bit interesting, it is part of a succulent plant. The definition of succulents is that they can absorb some water, so the water is in the reserve of leaves and stems. After drying, it will be used for later use. Easy to handle. Then there is the classic cactus, which is amazing for untrained people. You can water it or make it dry, and it won't die from it. They should not have light, water or nutrients, this is a misunderstanding. They must, even very light. They have spines that enable them to withstand a lot of light.

Because it provides shade for plants. Most importantly, they also use thorns to capture dew and then pull it into the plant. In this way, each of them utilizes close water droplets. When you handle cacti at home, just water them between February and October. Do not water them for the entire winter from late November to January. They do not have to grow, but only use existing inventory. PILEA is another indoor plant that is easy to grow. Small side plants can be planted, from which cuttings can be easily carried out. Drink water every week.

Remember to take the plants out, deepen the plants, make them stand and pull for a few minutes, and then put them back in place. In this way, they almost suit themselves. If you want to grow a lot of green plants at home, please choose simple indoor plants. In this way, you will become a successful factory. have fun.


How close is the distance to keep the LED grow lights

Hello, my name is Joshua. Today we are going to talk about the distance of placing the plant growth lamp on the plant to be found. Starting from the general range, try to see if the manufacturer of the lamp provides information and how far away is. If your lamp is 100, you should keep the lighting (if you don't follow these general tips). You want to keep it between 8 and 12 inches. Anything below 100 watts is not really useful for any type of actual growth.


Maybe you get a plant by a window or something, you need to give it a little more light power than 40 watts, but if you want to grow the light completely, you need at least 100 watts, so 100 watts 8 to 12 distance 200 to 399 inches, This will give you 400 to 600 between 12 and 20 inches which is about 20 to 27 inches, and then 600 to thousands to no matter how bright you can get, you need at least 3 feet or more if you are using one that is far away from the top of the plant Matters needing attention reflectors like mylar I have come back here, you want to give your plants a little extra height and monitor them very carefully, because all this reflected light entering your plants may make you incomprehensible Take a little further than you need, and then move in instead of as you want, you need us to love our plants, so you think more light means more love, but you don’t want to burn your plants , So it always starts to be cautious about its distance. It’s good then move it down, wait a few days, and then move it down again. You can find your little sweet spot, I let my light come closer once I sprout, My plants will sprout to simulate the spring sun’s tendency to move them farther. This is not really necessary, but I prefer to make sure that I get the germination rate and possible, so you do after setting the general range a The next thing in general height is that you have to closely monitor the plants, they will tell you that you are exactly what they need, so the common symptoms of plants do not get enough light to make the leaves yellow and drip, hindering the growth of the leaves. And dim colors, so I have almost no problems like mine. When I set the correct height, there is always too much light. I dialed everything, and of course the plants grow light upwards, and then as they grow, They are burned, so I don’t really have a good example, but if you want to make sure it’s not as long as your plant, because once it grows long, it’s within reach.



It becomes fragile to recover. It may have a weak plan based on it, and then weaken the rest of the plan to stay healthy. It seems crazy, so continue to make sure you are looking at the plant to make sure you are now Give them enough light to shine on the headlights, this is an example of cucumber plant growth. Too much light makes you unable to see the leaves are scorched. I believe you can look good on the camera, but these skills are restricted Yes, you will be burned to death. The patches you can see here have some spots burned off on leave. Okay, they are very crisp, a bit like it is really crisp, like this, you want to be careful A little bit and imagine that you are sunburned. I am glad you know that you have been sitting on the beach for too long in the sun. You are sunburned. This is the same reaction that plants will have to you. This is what you are looking for. I think most growers will tend to just because of this problem rather than problems like this. How powerful LED grow lights and all growing lights, etc. are now, plants tend to grow into lights and get sunburned, so you want to see if To something like this, please adjust the lighting adjustment in advance. The three ways to give plants are of course. You keep the light close to the plant, move it to a farther place, you give them less light, and you get closer to it. , You give them more numbers two. You can also set a timer. I use a timer here, it will automatically turn off and turn off the lights according to the 16 o’clock and 8 o’clock schedule.



If you can’t move upwards like in my shelf system, only a certain distance away, you can keep it, and then you can adjust how long to keep them at any time so even if the LAT light touches the leaves and you, you only keep it It stayed there for four to six hours, which is equivalent to a day full of light. Just in general, I don’t want to try any math or whether this is completely equivalent, but the point is that you can start a timer and reduce the amount of light the plants get, or You can add or remove the reflective sheath. I use a lot of polyester film just because I like my growth lamp to be the most efficient. I know that you have to pay for electricity like I want to make the most of it and control how close I can put the lamp. Knowing that it can save time and energy, so I can not only reflect on my tray, but also reflect on the back wall, because it is just a concrete wall, it absorbs light, so if I can reflect some of the light than I Useful, and then I can use to reduce energy, so I strongly recommend that you use a reflector system in your products and get the best energy for your lighting. Another reason I use reflective film is because the light cannot penetrate the roof like Like sunlight, sunlight travels millions of miles, so it’s not a big deal to penetrate the sun a few inches down through the canopy of something, but it’s a big deal for grow lights.


Because you are only emitting light and putting a foot or two on the ceiling of these inches, it may be difficult for the light to penetrate, so I put the reflective polyester film here to reflect it back to the bottom of the canopy, so all of these can get very good Good light sources, even shaded leaves can get good light, so thank you for discussing with me how to put the light near the plant. The comment section tells me if you burned the plant like I did. Tell me if you did it Correction, did you make further adjustments to put the timer there, or you added or removed reflective film, thank you for watching.


Orchid-Thinking about the setting of LED plant growth light

Hello, friend, I know this is very different from my opinion. I usually start to play the video because at night, I am asked to show you how to set up the micro lights at night to provide me with extra orchid lights so that they can grow better, so I think I should share my settings .

Basically there are 3 400W LED grow lights, and each LED light has at least 15 high-power LED lights. I bought them from China and there is always one in the middle, but I got two aspects from me. I recently went to China. Their price is lower than the price I don't hate me, but less than $10. They are doing well, partly because China is famous for semiconductors. China's LED industry is also very mature, so it has many manufacturers. They cooperate with many manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers, so that they can truly produce high-quality LEDs. But you know the price is reasonable, so I didn't buy it from Amazon or any western online retailer.


LED planting lights are actually related to China Channel. I mainly turn on these LED lights before going to bed. The time I get off work or go home in the gym is when I actually turn on the LED lights on the ceiling of that grout room. Therefore, if I open it, you can say that it is really bright. The wattage LED bulbs on the three-story ceiling are really bright, but if you turn them off, you will know that it is significantly darker, but I put three LEDs on top. The growth lamp still performed well. The growth space illuminates this growth space. Now I like my settings.

I prefer these round ones because they can be moved to the laboratory or to the right. It depends on whether you know which jobs I think require special lighting. In order to make them move without being fixed, they are all like clips, so I can actually use it to clip on the side. But I only wrote this, not only put them on the top and middle layers without lining, but for the third layer here, I did have a lining at the beginning, and this lining on each shelf, but I took out the top and The reason for the lining of the middle shelf is because it is winter here, even in Sri Lanka, so I want to make sure that I don't limit the ability of the orchids on the shelf to get more light through the windows during the day.


Do you know I have a liner here? It does not absorb as much sunlight as it does without a shelf, but another one. The problem is, I switch to one of the three switches on the back, and then everyone has the correct switch. I can easily turn them off or on in the morning, but I have to use a belt to secure the switch so that I can easily find the position of the switch and then the air purifier. This is the hospital level. I also bought it from China. In fact, it is no more than a year old and it works well. I know that sometimes it becomes very sensitive, but I noticed that the terminology is different. I have less allergic reaction to the groom or the whole air, I can say that it does make a difference, as I mentioned, this is that every room in some hospitals in China has such a ward, because micrograms are actually smaller than ordinary wards , So I know this is enough.


You know this is enough to purify my air growth space. I'm not. I really don’t know if an air purifier can really help orchids grow better, but every time I enter this room, I feel the air is better. Maybe it’s just me thinking, but you know that it didn’t cause a lot of Energy, so I’m doing this just in case, when I help these orchids in some way when I’m not at home, I did close the orchids by my side in order to protect the energy. For safety reasons, I don’t want to open none Any of my appliances. Now, when I return to China, this is just a short announcement in the flower xafs, we are talking about I met a lot of orchid lovers and learned what hydroponic orchids are becoming more and more popular in Asia, but this is because of babies People in the early days did not know much about water culture, full water culture or half water culture, so I will start to make videos about water culture based on my Chinese experience to grow orchids to help my Chinese-speaking friends in Asia. Learn from experience, you can communicate and learn from each other, and continue to lead you into my orchid growth journey.


Marijuana plants should be kept away from the light source for maximum yield

I want to talk to you boys and girls about how far the plants should be from the light source. There is no doubt that no matter what bulb you install, I will say what system are you running besides Marijuana Grow Light? I would say any other HIV system. You want to place plants close to light. When you descend 12 inches from the position, the light source is in the range of 6 to 12 inches. Your light output loses 70% or more. If you are running CFL or Full spectrum led grow light, if the running bulbs are more than six inches apart, you will lose 70% of the light output of the LED and CFL, so in In HID, you want to only be at 12:6 A few inches from the light source between 12:00. I regret to prove this, because I have been using these dual head bulbs and hoods.

Manufacturers and everyone in the industry say that the Space Observer factory is 36 inches away from these two Dublin bulbs, otherwise they will burn your factory well. If your air conditioner is not good, it is difficult for me to plant plants 36 inches away. For every drop of one or two plants, you will find that 30 plants lose one or two drops, and you lose only because of me The plants did not reach the required level, reaching 30 to 60. Some crops have been planted in this location and are already in my tree canopy, so I am about 36 years old, about 24 to 36 inches. My twin engine is now 6 to 12 inches away from me, if you do not have enough air conditioners, then you need to spend some money and invest in your company and get better air conditioners. The first thing I want to say is that I see this problem in 90% of the growth space and the people with whom I talk. You know they don’t have enough cooling capacity and there is room for growth.

A simple window air conditioner can bring in enough cold air to properly cool it down to 6 kW, so it is correct to make a real investment in the air conditioner, and your output will explode, especially when you will notice the triceps. The yield is better and thicker. I mean about its better taste. If you cool the room appropriately, the quality will improve, so please keep a distance of six to twelve inches between the plant and the light source. When maximizing light output, you know that the lighting keeps plants six to twelve inches away. There are other things that will accumulate maximum output. They achieved this goal, but can be used for lighting. Or maximize your lighting. You know that the woman's growth distance must be between six and twelve inches. Hope you like this video, hope it can bring you a lot of benefits, expand your factory scale, increase production, and let you spend a good night. Thank you


How long does your LED continue to glow?

Hey, everyone has an interesting test to share with me today. I tested the wooden 6000 for one year. For different LED grow lights, please see how much light output has decreased during this period. I don't think this is the result of the four lights I tested last year. They are here. You already own Mars Hydro Cobbmicro 100, the previous generation Ggeneration 3, the cold corn planting manual and the garden lighting group HL g QB 2 8 8 v2. They are in the same environment. Yes, so 6,000 hours is almost half, if you spend a whole year allocating vegetables and flowers, then you might do something between 5,000 and 6,000 hours, so it has grown for at least a year, and I have been In observation, the power output was tested after 6,000 hours and compared with the original results obtained when we performed the original test. life.png These original tests are all in the article, and you can view the test settings and the conditions of the test results. Compared with the original test results, this is interesting, but not exactly the same as I expected. We expect that the LED lights may continue to use 50 tires, and there will be errors for about seven to eight years, but what we really want to know is when they need to be replaced based on the light output being reduced to a level worth changing, if you can As you can see in the figure, the results are different, but the average is about 5. If we look back at the operating temperature and then look at the 6,000-hour output power reduction percentage allocated for the past 12 months or 6,000 hours (between the cold spot around 4:00 and the hlg between about 7 o'clock). When the temperature on the radiator is very similar to the temperature between the Martian miniature on Mars and the ice book on the radiator, 42 degrees Celsius HLG is difficult to work at 130 watts. You can see that its opening temperature is about seven or eight degrees. Therefore, this shows that you know that the operating temperature is critical and will affect the service life or may affect the service life, so please pay attention to the drop in efficiency, so that the tilt angle still obtains the same power output for each lamp, but our efficiency is declining , So it still consumes the same amount of electricity after one year, but reduces the light output by 5% on average, which means that the service life is about our LED lights can shine well, about 80% of the original output, about four years. led light life.png If you have been using it, or at least add some lights to supplement the original lighting level, you should consider replacing the lights after about four years. The sample size is small, each manufacturer has only one light source, none of them can not represent the exact number, and there will be some errors due to the small sample size, but hope this is a good indication that will help you understand the following facts: These facts do not mean that they will never last, but need to be replaced, and you know, no matter the model type or the manufacturer, they will depreciate a bit, yes, so one thing is that I did not find a lot of other information, such as real Test information, which contains hard data, and over time, it will aggregate links to similar tests or other people you know, please leave them below, I would love to see them, yes, it is It's very different now, hope you like to take care

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