Established in 2009, VANQ started as an LED encapsulation factory at the very beginning which is also why we are capable of flexible customization of various spectra.Focus on LED grow liht development and indoor and outdoor plant cultivation.


Guide to cannabis grow lights

Welcome to use VANQ LED lights to grow hemp. The cannabis plant has spent several years using the energy of the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into food, which is photosynthesis. Without our symbiotic relationship with trees, they would not be able to get enough oxygen to sustain human life. This is an amazing job. No one among our animal friends smokes marijuana, and no one invented a tree lamp to raise them. They gave us rewards, gave us medicines, which made us soar.


This is a beautiful relationship. Once understood, we will focus on the following lighting, fluorescent LEDs, metal halides and high pressure sodium. You will know exactly the ability of each light source, which light source is most suitable for your growth, our CLMX LED Grow light source is very suitable for the early stages of plant life, so I clearly rooted the clones in it, but please try to make them as soon as possible Cheap and appear in various shapes.

The size, you can buy everywhere from the two-foot store lights in the local hardware store, the price is about 20 to 8 bulbs, 4 feet t8 fluorescent lamps per foot, the price is about 300 US dollars. They have high operating costs, low heat generation and very little space, so T Fives and all fluorescent lamps are very limited and are rarely used for continuous vegetables or flowers. Unless you and I are satisfied with the low yield, I will talk only You need to press the nut and you will know that I mean an increase in power. This is the representative of HID. Traditionally, it is the representative of HID. They are metal halides and high-pressure sodium in HIV. High-intensity discharge is very powerful and very effective, but in the past, the thermal signal was very important. They were once used to drive helicopters equipped with hidden cameras to find and destroy growers. HID produces high output, but they need to realize that almost all modern HID lamps in the past are interchangeable and convertible. Separate ballasts for halogen lamps and sodium lamps are required, and the correct voltage for the ballast wiring is also required. Nowadays, ballasts can hold 400 to 1000 watts of sodium halide or sodium salt and automatically add electronic signals. The voltage configuration of the device is 110 or 220 volts. All HIDs are integrated with the ballast and hood in the box. Make sure to check the bulbs, some of them include bulbs, some of them are not too bad for HID, namely power consumption and heat, you need to cool your own growth room equipment, and you also need to pay bills.


Someone told us that the light is on the fork and the sodium is on the flower. I said that this mimics the color changes of this season and integrates well with HID. To be honest, HID is designed to illuminate parking spaces. Many highways and stadiums are reluctant to plant new HIDs, but they have already targeted the planting industry. After adjusting, take me to the LED. Since I picked the best LED crops, the development of LED technology has been increasing exponentially, but I dare to guess that the entire industry will be in a few years. The latest generation of lighting is based on the LED principle, that is, all plants are on the earth. They will work best when the exact same biological function is formed anywhere on the surface, when the sun is strong and directly above your head. Therefore, the best light for rapid photosynthesis is the spectrum you see when you are outdoors in bright summer. Sunlight is mainly blue and white, with only faint red, suitable for humans. In terms of lighting, perfect eyes seem to mean that NASA plants can bloom and grow fruit optimally under natural light conditions.

cannabis led.png

In the midsummer natural daylight, the dean’s white has enough red to produce a fully mature resin flower, but the LED can certainly bloom and bloom under the same light. A game changer, when you are a commercial gardener, you must transfer hundreds of plants from one growth room to another, or replace hundreds of light bulbs. It seems that they are indeed the future of industrial lighting. This is an important factor in determining the success of indoor growth, but good equipment is not enough for you to know how to use it. The switching cycle is very important. It is important to use a timer to keep a good record. The most important thing is to observe the language of plants. You will know exactly how to prevent plants from feeling sad, and more importantly, the thing that makes plants pray to plants is very important.

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